Travel Resources

Ah, you ask… “where did you find that deal?!” … “What? That’s so cheap!” “I bet that doesn’t include the cost of flights though”

Well of course it includes the cost of the flights otherwise it wouldn’t be worth bragging about!

It most definitely isn’t easy finding a city break that is “cheap”. However, below are a list of tools and sites we use to keep our costs down, and you wouldn’t believe some of the savings we make.

For finding those mythical cheap flights…


For me, it doesn’t get any better than Skyscanner. It literally scans the internet for the best deal for the information you have given it. The best comparison site for flights in my opinion. Check out my blogpost on how to get the best deal with Skyscanner.

Finding great accommodation

A great deal of our accommodation has been booked through This is such an easy search engine to use and you can really narrow down your search if you have specific needs “within 1 mile of city centre”, “private bathroom” etc. When you have held an account with them for some time, you’ll benefit from their “genius discount” that you qualify for. It’s basically a discount for being a regular user.