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New York City – The City that Never Sleeps

New York City, the city that never sleeps… literally

E&J’s Travel Tips:
Yellow cab from JFK to Manhattan fixed fee of $52 (+taxes and tip)
Rockefeller centre at night is best view
Eating out can be pricey, but there’s plenty of cheap healthy options
Thinking of climbing to the crown of the Statue of Liberty? Don’t bother
Expect to pay a gratuity tip a lot of the time. It’s expected
Walk across Brooklyn bridge

Read on to see what we got up to

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Our New York City Itinerary

UPDATE: We’ve slightly tweaked our itinerary, adding in the New York Public library and allowing more time to wander round aimlessly in Times Square by deciding to not go to Washington DC for the day.

Following a spontaneous decision to book NYC while we were still in Stockholm Arlanda airport (Find out what we got up to in Stockholm here) waiting for our flight back, it was time to get some planning done…

The best itineraries allow for delays, travel to and from attractions and take into account where each attraction is and its location to others! Below is our 6 night itinerary (which is actually still subject to change!)

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The Prep Needed for a Successful NYC Trip

In November of last year, Ellis and I were relaxing in a cosy wine bar in Stockholm’s Arlanda airport (see our blog post on Stockholm, here) waiting for our flight back to Gatwick. After an expensive couple of rounds (as you do), we were toying with the idea of another trip after Christmas. Having had such a great time away in Stockholm, we didn’t want the fun to end! A few potential destinations were thrown into the mix; Vienna, Oslo, all ideal locations. But it wasn’t until Ellis received a generic mailing list email from which gave the suggestion of New York City that we thought “right, let’s look at this”. With Ellis looking at hotel deals, and I looking at flights, we were zoned in…

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