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The Modern City, Copenhagen

City: Copenhagen

Date: November 2015

Hotel: Hotel Kong Arthur

Things to do: Palace, Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn.

We travelled to Copenhagen with the hope of visiting our first Christmas market together as a couple.

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Our New York City Itinerary

UPDATE: We’ve slightly tweaked our itinerary, adding in the New York Public library and allowing more time to wander round aimlessly in Times Square by deciding to not go to Washington DC for the day.

Following a spontaneous decision to book NYC while we were still in Stockholm Arlanda airport (Find out what we got up to in Stockholm here) waiting for our flight back, it was time to get some planning done…

The best itineraries allow for delays, travel to and from attractions and take into account where each attraction is and its location to others! Below is our 6 night itinerary (which is actually still subject to change!)

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The Prep Needed for a Successful NYC Trip

In November of last year, Ellis and I were relaxing in a cosy wine bar in Stockholm’s Arlanda airport (see our blog post on Stockholm, here) waiting for our flight back to Gatwick. After an expensive couple of rounds (as you do), we were toying with the idea of another trip after Christmas. Having had such a great time away in Stockholm, we didn’t want the fun to end! A few potential destinations were thrown into the mix; Vienna, Oslo, all ideal locations. But it wasn’t until Ellis received a generic mailing list email from which gave the suggestion of New York City that we thought “right, let’s look at this”. With Ellis looking at hotel deals, and I looking at flights, we were zoned in…

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How To Get Cheap Flights- Skyscanner

Together, we’ve been on too many flights to count. Some good, some not so good (but that’s for another blog post)… I’d say that for 99% of our flights, they’ve been booked using the Skyscanner app on my iPhone or iPad or used on a desktop. And to be honest, I seriously cannot fault it.

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Our First Luxury Getaway

Location: Le Grand Joux (5*), Essert-Romand, French Alps
Date: 27/06/15 for 2 nights

Rating: 9/10

Ellis is forever searching the internet for cheap getaways but many have disclaimers: must travel between so and so dates, does not include flights or hotel is an hour away from the city. Not to knock these, but I definitely feel that the majority of the time, they’re okay at best. In May 2015 I received the standard text “check your email”. So I open up my mail and I see a link for a Groupon deal. It read “2 night stay at Chalet Le Grand Joux for £199”. Intrigued, I did my research, looked at the chalet on TripAdvisor and read the reviews. Outstanding.

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