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Cheap Day Trips in the UK? Look at English Heritage Sites

Throughout the past couple of years, Ellis and I have seen some wonderful sights around the globe, varying from the Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland to the downright beautiful, gothic architecture in Budapest. We generally try and get away to a new city every month, dependant on prices, what we have coming up, prior engagements etc. But when we’re not spending our time in a foreign country exploring the landmarks, restaurants and points of interest, we try and take inexpensive day trips in the South East of England and make use of the English Heritage sites which are dotted around us.

Audley End House and Gardens, Essex

The county of Kent and the surrounding areas are abundant with landmarks like castles, coastlines, seaside towns, grand estates, palaces and old forts which are all saturated with their own history and span approximately six millennia through time. We are extremely lucky to have so many sites within a couple hours drive of us in plentiful quantity – many of which are managed by this wonderful charity.

Eltham Palace and Gardens, London

English Heritage are a charity which manage and take care of hundreds of these sites throughout the UK and it all began in 1882. Since then, they have gone on to look after, restore and bring to life famous sights such as Stonehenge, Dover Castle, and Battle Abbey – the site of the infamous 1066 Battle of Hastings.

As quoted from the English Heritage website:

Gone are the days when people learned about history simply from reading books. People are increasingly looking for experiences that bring history to life in an engaging way and nothing beats standing on the spot where history happened

The best thing about the English Heritage is that you can sign up for a subscription over 12 months. For a joint membership for the two of us, it costs (roughly) £7.60 a month for 12 months. This grants you unlimited access into all of their sights throughout England! To put it into comparison, admission fee into Dover Castle (one of the UK’s most iconic fortresses, managed by the English Heritage) for 1 adult is £18.30 alone. You’ve made your money back, and then some.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Plenty of these sites make a great picnic location with the picturesque scenery, with many also offering tea rooms and restaurants to fill the void in your stomach after enriching your mind with history.

For us, £7.60 a month (for the two of us!) is completely worth it. We’ve had plenty of weekends with the usual “what shall we do today then?” or “Can we not spend a fortune on food please!” The English Heritage have saved us a pretty penny here. The membership fee is a lifesaver, otherwise we would have spent hundreds on admission fees to bear witness all of these extraordinary historical landmarks.

PS it’s worth keeping an eye out for their logo on road signs, makes getting there a whole lot easier!


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