Our Travel Inspiration as a Couple

Ellis and I met back in November 2014 and took our first trip away together in May 2015 (Paris, one of the most romantic of them all, obviously). Since then, we’ve literally done what we can to ensure we see as many sights and experience as many cultures as possible as a couple throughout Europe and beyond. My personal inspiration? I love seeing my loved one smile, it’s highly contagious.

Our trip to Paris in May 2015 was a birthday treat from myself to Ellis (romantic at heart, I know) but it wasn’t until we found ourselves in a luxury chalet in the French Alps a month later (check that post out here) that we thought that this is definitely becoming a habit.

I personally hadn’t travelled too much before. A few summer holidays here and there and the odd trip away, and Ellis had already dotted around Europe a small amount, but it wasn’t until I realised just how exciting and mind-blowing it can be, travelling around the globe with somebody you love and care for more than yourself, experiencing these unfamiliar yet joyful cultures which make this world such a diverse and beautiful one, really is incomparable.

There are many who post online, “solo travel”, “nomadic roamer”, “solo female travelling” who preach to the world that their way of exploring corners of the earth alone are remarkable and unbeatable, yet, if I could put money on it, that if they found themselves a partner to share these experiences with, their feelings of joy and gratefulness would grow 10 fold. Besides, these people are never really doing it alone, they’re taking you with them, through blogging, social media etc sharing their experiences with you as they go along the road to opening their mind.

Together, Ellis and I have experienced so much in just a couple of years of jet setting around Europe and more. There really is no better feeling that staring out over a picturesque view from up high of a remote town down below, feeling a cheesy smile grow from cheek to cheek and then looking at your soul mate next to you with the exact same expression on her face. That alone is our inspiration.

We have many aspirations in life, and those close to us will know that we’re in the process of saving up for a house. Saving for a house as well as planning and booking trips is an expensive task of juggling, put it that way. Neither of these aspirations we can put down and to one side, and we don’t want to stop one in order to succeed at the other. But let us tell you… memories will last a lifetime. Who knows what’s around the corner.

Check out our list of cities that we’ve visited together here! We’re growing it month by month.

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