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Top Travel Apps To Download

In this current 21st century, fast paced world, full of improving tech, high speed internet and social media, its no wonder that travel guidebooks are sadly on the decline.

Below, we’ve listed our most used travel apps for iOS that we use for planning and for when we’re on the move!

1. Skyscanner

I can’t sing the praises of this app enough. The website is extremely simple to use, but the app is something else. With the addition of being able to save a flight for later and implementing price alerts, this app is nothing short of brilliance. Check out our blog post on how to use Skyscanner to grab cheap flights here. Simplicity is key!

2. TripAdvisor

What list would would be complete without TripAdvisor?! The app has it all. Hotel, restaurant and attraction reviews, discussion forums, and travel guides available offline. Ellis and I will particularly use it when away if we see a nice looking restaurant to eat in that evening but want to check reviews first.

3. Google Maps

Is this one a given? I’m not sure. But we’ve become so accustomed to using it, it’s become a habit. It’s by far the best map app out there. Rather than walking from hotel to museum or restaurant fifteen minutes away and trying to navigate with a paper map, why not search the route on google maps (whilst on hotel wifi, hoorah) and then off you go! Once the route is set, you can actually turn your phone on airplane mode and it won’t use any of your data but will still navigate you.


Again, similar to Skyscanner, the website is brilliant in searching for a cheap hostel or hotel, but the app allows you to carry your booking confirmation, hotel contact details, and weather forecast with you all on your phone whilst abroad. The simple user interface is also extremely friendly. If your accommodation has been booked through then the app is a must have.

5. Airbnb

This app showcases the best of private properties rented out by home owners at a far cheaper price than hotels offering you the experience of staying with a local. A new feature called “trips” allows you to see events you can attend with local guides.

6. Apple apps, Calendar:

This one may also be a given, but for the organised travellers out there with an iPhone or iPad to hand, get using the built in calendar app! Providing your iCloud account is live on all devices, data should be synced across as soon as there’s an internet connection. The thing we love about this is that it scans your emails for events taking place such as flights. These can be added to your calendar at a push of a button! Your hotel confirmation via can also be synced over to your calendar. What also worth doing which we’ve done before, is inputted itinerary events into calendar ourselves. The more organised, the better!

7. Uber

If it’s a cab your after, then look no further. Uber allows you to request a car to pick you up and take you to your desired destination with payment being made through PayPal for an extremely reasonable fee. The best thing about it? Uber is active in over 77 countries!

Anyway, we hope this gives an insight into what travel apps we feel work best on the move, especially in such a fast paced world! If you think we’ve missed any out, or have any thoughts on our list, please comment below.

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