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The Modern City, Copenhagen

City: Copenhagen

Date: November 2015

Hotel: Hotel Kong Arthur

Things to do: Palace, Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn.

We travelled to Copenhagen with the hope of visiting our first Christmas market together as a couple.

When checking into the Kong Arthur (brilliant location) we were itching to get out there as we’d heard so much about the city. It was extremely cold and snowy and we were most definitely wearing inappropriate footwear. Chelsea boots and suede were not made for these conditions.

Nevertheless, we made the 15 minute walk down into the city centre. It was extremely clean and everybody we came across were peaceful and neighbourly.

Once we got our bearings in the very modern city, we feasted in TGI Fridays, not very traditional whilst in Denmark, but what the heck, we were starved.

In the evening, we ventured to the other side of the city centre to Tivoli Gardens. What an incredibly magical experience. It was extremely festive with fantastic displays on show. It featured an oriental hotel with an amazing light display, rollercoasters and a water and light show. Extremely romantic I must say!

The lights on display in Tivoli Gardens

The next day, with bright blue skies above us, we ventured to the Little Mermaid statue. I’d never even heard of it before, but Ellis was desperate to see it, so off we ventured. I must say, for what it is, it was worth seeing. A bronzed statue of a mermaid lay poised on the on the rocky shore. I imagine that the weather helped intensify the glory of it, but we weren’t complaining.

The bronzed little mermaid basking in the Danish sun

Nyhaven is another must do in the city of Copenhagen. Its a small area at one end of the city centre adjacent to the harbour. Along it was numerous restaurants and bars with the majority of them serving fish and traditional dishes. With it being christmas time, we were readily able to buy Gløgg (a mulled wine). Wandering the side of the working harbour ogling at the brightly coloured buildings opposite was a magical moment.

Nyhavn- beautiful picturesque harbour


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