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Our New York City Itinerary

UPDATE: We’ve slightly tweaked our itinerary, adding in the New York Public library and allowing more time to wander round aimlessly in Times Square by deciding to not go to Washington DC for the day.

Following a spontaneous decision to book NYC while we were still in Stockholm Arlanda airport (Find out what we got up to in Stockholm here) waiting for our flight back, it was time to get some planning done…

The best itineraries allow for delays, travel to and from attractions and take into account where each attraction is and its location to others! Below is our 6 night itinerary (which is actually still subject to change!)

Check in and get a bite to eat! See if we can get broadway tickets for Tuesday night at a TKS booth 🇬🇧✈️🇺🇸
Flat iron building
Empire State building in the morning 🏙
Chrysler building
Bryant park walk through 🚶🏻🚶🏻‍♀️
Grand central station (apple shop) ⌚️
Refinery roof top for lunch at 1.30pm
Broadway show… 🎭
Battery park walk through get hot dog 🌭
Ferry ride to Ellis island 👸🏻
Statue of Liberty the crown!!! at 12pm 🗽
Wall St 💼
Ground zero
Little Italy for a late lunch 🇮🇹
Union square on way back to hotel
Takeaway in bed & chill 🙊🍟🍔
get some breakfast in stardust diner 🍳🥓
Met museum of art 🎨
Central Park 🌲🌿⛲️loeb boathouse
Plaza hotel
American museum of natural history
Striphouse for dinner 👩🏻❤👦🏻
Brooklyn tour bus 🚌
Brooklyn bridge walk 🌉
Pizza in Brooklyn for lunch 🍕
Brooklyn heights promenade 📸
Walk round Times Square
NY Public library
Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe 🍽
Rockefeller centre at night 🌃
Shopping morning then get ready to come home 😩
Like I said, this is still subject to change. The 6 nights we have here, we want to get as much done as possible, and we feel that we’ve done our research and have certain days dedicated for certain areas.
Let us know what you think, leave a comment and subscribe! 🙂

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