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How To Get Cheap Flights- Skyscanner

Together, we’ve been on too many flights to count. Some good, some not so good (but that’s for another blog post)… I’d say that for 99% of our flights, they’ve been booked using the Skyscanner app on my iPhone or iPad or used on a desktop. And to be honest, I seriously cannot fault it.

When we book flights, we aim to get the best value for money, but not necessarily the cheapest. Now that’s not to say that we have money to burn, but it many instances, time is more valuable than money. Time to be spent in a new part of the world! (We prefer to pay that little bit extra for a morning flight so we have the whole day in our destination country, providing its short haul)

Now, in my personal opinion, Skyscanner is the best comparison site/app to use. The user interface is faultless, it’s just so easy to use! The amount of filters you can include in your search such as “times”, “airlines”, “number of stops” is brilliant, you can really filter out all the ones you don’t need. Then simply sort by cheapest and bingo!

All the filters that can be applied
The one feature that makes it stand out for me and sets it above the rest is the chart feature. If you’re flexible on dates, which I’m guessing many of you are if you’re a frequent traveller, then this tool should be right up your alley. It allows you check when in the week/month/year is cheapest to fly!

When selecting dates, click the chart button (circled) and then the chart appears. You can scroll through the dates and when you select one, you’ll see that there’s a horizontal line running across it. This is used to compare what dates are cheaper or more expensive! Great little tool to use to plan your next trip!


When you go to select dates, the chart button appears. Give it a tap!

It’ll show all the dates which are cheaper!
I can’t tell you the amount of times we’ve gone to Skyscanner with a destination in mind, and gone “right, what dates are cheapest then”. The next move would be to then book a hotel for your trip in mind and there you have it!

Advice: have a fiddle with hotel and flight dates. Sometimes you may have found a deal on flights but hotel is £200 more expensive for those days than others (could be many reasons why). Could be worth paying £50 more for flights if hotel is a lot more cheaper on a certain week.

We hope this helps!



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